Company Ethos

Aerial-Drones are committed to a policy of Quality Assurance throughout the company’s activities, ensuring that the professional service quality satisfies the specific requirements of all clients. It is the policy of the company to market only professional services of a quality that will merit and earn client satisfaction by performing all functions reliably and effectively.

The company pursues the following goals in the field of quality assurance:

  • Strict compliance of the company’s services with international, national and local standards and requirements.
  • Complying with all CAA regulations and guidelines, as well as maintaining a close relationship with them.
  • Our professional and technical level of the services must correspond to or exceed that of the leading enterprises and companies operating within the market.
  • Responsibility to customers for the quality of the services rendered.
  • Development and implementation of new services that fulfil our client’s requirements.
  • Monitoring of all complaints and claims from customers – to ensure swift remedy of any problems.
  • Employing professional staff trained to a high ability to ensure we provide services of high quality.

The nature of our activities places particular emphasis and demands on the experience and expertise of the staff employed.  High levels of responsibility and reliability are associated with all aspects of our work and a commitment to continued professional development and training exists to ensure that all staff are suitably qualified and equipped to meet these requirements.