TAK (Team Awareness Kit)

Unified Situational Awareness

There is an historic and persistent need for a unified Situational Awareness (SA) system for law enforcement and other public safety personnel.  A unified SA system which includes personnel accountability (knowing who is where) during a crisis is paramount for first responders at all levels.  In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of smartphones by law enforcement and public safety agencies.  Smartphones have become an ever increasing powerful tool for blue force tracking (BFT) and mission planning.

Many applications exist which take advantage of smartphones for BFT, but very few of them can communicate with each other.  The lack of interoperability between disparate tools presently allows for scenarios where dangerous blue on blue or blue on green contact could occur.  By using a central hub (in this case TAK Server), all SA data has a single focal point ensuring uniformity.


The Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) is a geospatial infrastructure and military situation awareness app for the Android smartphone. It enables precision targeting, intelligence surrounding land formation, situational awareness, navigation, and sharing of data. The ATAK PLUGIN architecture enables enhanced capabilities for unique task sets (Direct Action, Battle Advising, Law Enforcement, Defence Operations, Border Control, Disaster Response, Off-grid Communications, Mapping and Geotagging).


Whether tasked with an emergency response incident or monitoring soldiers on the battlefield, location accuracy and communication are essential for safety and mission effectiveness.  Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) offers ground and enhanced air situational awareness with positional overlays of assets.

Current limited solutions for UAS image streaming include using additional hardware, such as laptops, HDMI capture cards etc and services such as Skype or Microsoft Teams to facilitate the streaming of video only to other colleagues or a control centre.

Aerial Defence Ltd can demonstrate to your organisation and help integrate these enhanced solutions using just your existing UAS hardware, without the need for additional equipment. No more using Skype or Teams to send critical data.

Aerial Defence Hosted Resources

With Aerial Defence Ltd hosting the TAK Server service and providing national, international and local public safety agencies with access to this suite of interoperable Common Operating Picture (COP) products, Aerial Defence Ltd is removing the burden for use of a powerful SA toolkit. Instant point of entry; mission planning, situational awareness, and real time interoperability between all levels of first responders is achievable resulting in superior officer safety, as well as enhanced command, control, and communications. Ultimately, this ensures a safer and better response to critical events.

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