Estate Agents

Aerial images have proved themselves as an essential tool for marketing property or land. With our system we can take aerial images at a fraction of the cost of a manned aircraft.

We can take off from the owners property or close to it and get high level shots quickly and safely. We can use our system up to 400 feet (120m) at any time. If required we can take our system up to 1000 feet with permission from the CAA, however this may take a short while to arrange.

Our system is set to take images from intervals of only 1 second and in RAW format.  A photographer sets the camera and guides the pilot into the correct position using a hand held monitor and adjusts the camera angle to get the best shots and correct framing.

All our images are provided a high resolution JPEGs at any specified dpi, suitable for high quality printing, using a high resolution camera fitted with a 16mm or 18-55mm wide angle lens.  The RAW images are then professionally edited for colour saturation, sharpness and clarity.

All the images are supplied ‘Royalty Free’ for limitless publication and distribution.  We can also edit images to your specifications to remove items and ‘clean up’ an image.  However we do not do this a matter of course as we require your permission to avoid claims of misrepresentation.

Please contact us with the address of the property or land and we will quote you for a set of images.

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