Our unique viewpoint can provide those special images or HD Video that makes marketing a property easier, more exciting or just plain different! Show an elevated view of a building that captures the property in its entirety. Show architectural features in more detail. Show beautifully landscaped gardens in their full glory.

Our systems can view all aspects of a property with no vehicular access necessary and with little intrusion.


The benefit of aerial images for marketing are numerous. An aerial image can add real impact to your design. In the past, getting an aerial photograph was both costly and difficult to arrange. However using our UAV system we can easily obtain high level images with the minimum of fuss and at a price that makes economic sense.

Our high resolution cameras can also be used to take a set of images that we can stitch into a large high resolution, immersive panoramic image. We can also create full 360º interactive images for use on an interactive website.

Our system can be launched from within your grounds and flown up to 1000 feet (with CAA permission) taking photographs every second. A camera operator positions the camera using a video downlink to ensure we have the best possible framed shots during the flight.

Using aerial photography in your marketing campaign can:

  • Give a dynamic perspective to your presentation
  • Show you have made an extra effort to present your campaign differently from your competition
  • Show off your property, land etc without being restricted to ground level views only
  • Look as if you have spent more by going to the trouble of arranging what is generally regarded as ‘expensive’ aerial imagery
  • Present your property, land etc, as a visual overview.

Our aerial photography can be used for marketing for:

  • Property sales
  • Historic Buildings
  • Theme Parks
  • Groups of people forming words or images
  • Garden displays
  • Sporting events, marathons, team photos
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Marinas and Ports
  • Stadiums
  • Car and Boat Shows
  • Corporate promotion
  • Achievements and notable events