Photos from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle can be used for a variety of purposes including: Marketing, documenting construction progress, scientific research, selling real estate, accident and crime scene analysis.

Creation of unique shots for the advertising and film industry – In places where it’s ineffective or impossible to use a helicopter, tracking system or film crane. Where weight limits allow, an Octocopter can even carry on board a small professional film camera. You can even reach places which are inaccessible to equipment which is normally used at great heights, for example, for church tower inspections, as well as other hard-to-reach places, such as flooded areas.

Real-time broadcasting – From a mini-camera on board, our equipment is able to provide wireless transmission of pictures to a ground receiver, which can be used for large-screen projections or as a source of a signal for live television broadcasts.

Photographing one structure in its different stages of progress from the same coordinates, height and angle. Follow the construction of your home, your company’s headquarters, production halls and warehouses, as well as the construction of bridges and highways.

The availability of low-cost aerial vehicles for aerial photography has transformed the market and made possible wedding shots that were previously only for the rich and famous. The camera on our multi-rotor can capture an entire wedding party, along with the special environment and surroundings. Create a unique and unforgettable picture of the special day!

Nothing records the atmosphere of your big day better than shots from above – even years later, thanks to Aerial-Drones, you will have only the fondest memories of this special day.

It is often difficult to appreciate the full extent or character of a property from ground level and the cost of aerial photography from conventional aircraft is often prohibitive for all but the most high value properties.

This situation has now changed; low cost photography from our small unmanned aircraft makes aerial images and videos affordable for a much wider range of properties. Anything from a quick ‘pop-up’ to take a few photos to a fully edited ‘fly-around’ promotional video for the website is achievable using Aerila-Drones technology, giving both estate agents and their clients a new range of options.

From photographing buildings or land for the needs of real estate agencies, maximum space orientation of homes, cottages or parcels of land, planned developer’s projects.

Aerial photos of fairs, sports, races, garden weddings and receptions, and other outdoor activities are great records of important events and often provide an excellent promotional tool too.

We can provide event planners, organisers and participants with a record that shows the entire event, and our shots from the air provide instantly eye-catching and irresistible part of that record.

From high-above we can film and photograph golf tournaments, with the ability to capture shots where the camera flies nearly parallel to the driven ball; snowboarding races and jumps, where the camera captures the snowboarder in the air from up-close; mountain-climbing, where the camera hovers right next to the climber, capturing dramatic shots perpendicular to the wall; the descent of a wild river, where the camera flies ahead of a kayaker and follows his fight with the rapids.

Whether you’re celebrating the opening of a new highway, car dealership or viewing tower, or you organize concerts, outdoor workshops, excursions, children’s games or other activities, shots from above add an unforgettable touch.
Whether you’re celebrating an important birthday or company anniversary, Aerial-Drones guarantees that you will have the most beautiful photos and video recordings of the occasion.
By photographing vast sites from various angles and heights you get an invaluable overview of the extent of the work underway and the space relations of individual features.
Is there a place in a city or surrounding countryside which you would like your friends or customers to tour from above?