Phantom Routine Service

Whether you’re getting your drone out for the first time in the summer or packing it away for the winter, or just want to proudly take care of it, we offer a unique 8 point service plan which includes:

  1. Visual inspection for any cracks, fractures or other structural defects to the shell and props.
  2. All sensors, motors and NAZA IMU visually checked and calibrated.
  3. Full “lid off” interior inspection for any signs of corrosion or potential component failure.
  4. Any required firmware upgrades performed.
  5. Calibration of camera and gimbal (if fitted).
  6. Test of any video downlink equipment (if fitted).
  7. Full clean and replacement of any stock DJI graphics.
  8. Full final flight test by a senior pilot.

** Should any parts require replacing, these are not included in this service fee **

  • Step 1) Purchase the service fee.
  • Step 2) We will contact you with information on how and where to send your Phantom.
  • Step 3) Once we receive the Phantom, we will fully inspect as per the 5 point service plan and notify you of what, if anything, needs replacing along with a quote for full repair.
  • Step 4) Once payment for repair is received (if needed), it will commence.
  • Step 5) We ship the Phantom back to the you using a reputable courier

Turn Around Time: 2-4 business days in most cases (availability of parts dependant).

If you are sending in your phantom, please include your remote controller, propellers, battery and if Phantom 2, battery charger.

In stock

For a particularly bad accident, we always hold the following items in stock:
  • Phantom 1 complete outer shell
  • Phantom 2 complete outer shell
  • Phantom 2 Vision complete outer shell

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