Phantom Repairs

Got Phantom Issues?  Is something broken following an accident ? Don’t worry, we will take care of it for you.

Whether its the original Phantom, Phantom 2 range or the newer Phantom 3 range, let our technicians at Aerial-Drones diagnose and repair your DJI Phantom from crashes or anything that may not be working. This 1hr inspection fee covers you for the time that our technician may spend working on your Phantom to diagnose the fault(s).

If we need to replace any parts, we will contact you with a fully documented service report and quotation prior to commencing repairs.

** Parts are not included in this inspection fee **

  • Step 1) Purchase the service fee.  In your order notes at checkout, please write the issues or problems you are experiencing.
  • Step 2) We will contact you with information on how and where to send your Phantom.
  • Step 3) Write your RMA # on the outside of your shipping box (Your RMA # is your original order number).
  • Step 4) Once we receive the Phantom, we will diagnose and notify you of what, if anything, needs replacing along with a quote for full repair.
  • Step 5) Once payment for the repair is received (if needed), it will commence.
  • Step 6) We ship the Phantom back to the you using a reputable courier

Turn Around Time: 2-4 business days in most cases (availability of parts dependant).

* Please note – Our Aerial-Drones technicians are experienced and can fix almost everything.  In the event that we cannot make repairs, or the customer does not want to go ahead with the repair, we will not charge the customer any extra labor costs.  We will then contact the customer and send the Phantom back.  Aerial-Drones cannot be held responsible for any future issues or parts that may fail.  We can also not be held liable for any future crashes.  By purchasing this repair service, you agree to these terms. This service is for customers in the UK only.

If you are sending in your phantom, please include your remote controller, propellers, battery and if Phantom 2, battery charger.

In stock

For a particularly bad accident, we always hold the following items in stock:
  • Phantom 1 complete outer shell
  • Phantom 2 complete outer shell
  • Phantom 2 Vision complete outer shell

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