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DJI Mavic Mini Battery Monitor


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Unlike other DJI batteries, the Mavic Mini battery unfortunately doesn’t show charge status unless it is connected to the aircraft. Even then, it only displays minimal charge status in the form of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% LEDs.

This custom built battery monitor, which is self-powered by the connecting Mavic Mini battery, shows full status of the battery including:

  • Battery Serial Number
  • Date battery produced
  • Number of Charge cycles
  • Cell Voltages
  • Battery Health
  • Current charge %

The Mavic Mini battery fits simply and comfortably to the rear of the monitor in just seconds, using an original DJI connector to avoid damaging the battery. The display is then powered on to display the relevant and important information.

You can also connect the battery monitor via the exposed USB mini port for the information to be displayed on a PC using a serial monitor console.

This product is designed and built in the UK and comes with a lifetime of electronic firmware updates.

9 in stock




  • Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) : 45 x 70 x 23mm
  • Power Supply: Powered by connecting DJI Mavic Mini Battery


  • 1.8″ RGB TFT Display
  • Self Powered
  • Original DJI battery connector
  • Free lifetime upgradeable firmware


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