For whom?

Are you planning to purchase UAV? You are not sure, whether unmanned aerial vehicles are suitable for your kind of business? Or you just don’t know which type of UAV is the best for your specific use? Consider our UAV consultancy – we will give you immense amount of information to ease your decision making.

What do we provide?

  • We will come to you (or you can come to us) and show you different kinds of UAVs, from the smallest quadcopters to the biggest, high-end octocopters. You’ll be able to try the newest UAV technology on your own!
  • We will show you how easy it is to control various types of UAVs. Also, we will demonstrate some of the automatic features in front of you. For instance – automatic take-off/landing, position hold or automatic home-return system (if the UAV goes beyond its control range or gets damaged, it will automatically return to its starting position or to the Ground Station).
  • We have worked with many companies in many different fields, we’ve been solving their issues (and even in the follow-up support) and we would like to share obtained experience with you. You can be assured that you’ll get professional advice from experienced team.
  • We’re able to recommend you various types of recording devices. We’ve been testing numerous types of cameras where we focused mainly on perfect optical and digital stabilization. We can recommend you cameras based on our testing or feedback of our former clients. However, we don’t stop at common cameras, we’re also able to recommend you the perfect choice for thermal imagery, public safety matters or even for movie industry.
  • We will teach you how to operate UAVs either on calm sunny days or in poor weather conditions. Most of the UAV systems can operate reliably in extreme wind and weather conditions including safe flight in sustained winds up to 50 km/h (30 mph).
  • We will give you valuable information about the flight duration, speed of the flight and detailed technical specifications. Furthermore, we will give you instructions, how to take care of your copter, how to charge batteries or which propellers to choose.
  • We shall show you the differences between the wing and UAVs with vertical take-off and landing and you’ll get the chance to try both of the types on your own.
  • You’ll be taught about telemetry, UAV setup and the programming of autonomous flight through waypoints. We will demonstrate all features of the UAV Ground Control Station or another control device. Also, you will get a look to the users interface and see how the drone is operated, how is the camera controlled or how the video transmission works.


You can come to our company or we can travel to you, It’s up to you.

£500 per day + potential travel expenses

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime to find out more information.