Aerial Photography

All flying operations in the UK must operate under Civil Aviation Authority procedures and regulations, and it is particularly important that anyone instructing aerial photography or aerial survey work should take account of these as the consequences of not doing so can be severe for all concerned.

To ensure we comply with these procedures:

  • Aerial Drones are soon to be applying as a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recognised aircraft operator.
  • Our aircraft (multi-rotor) are fully licensed and insured to carry out commercial air-to-ground photography and survey work.
  • Our aircraft are meticulously inspected and rigidly maintained to CAA Public Transport Category
  • We have our own flight crew who are all qualified and experienced commercial UAV pilots, with additional training in the particular skills required for aerial photography and survey work.


Please Note that all photographs, not just ours, are automatically copyright to the photographer who takes them, or the photographic company they are working for, if it is a commercial photography operation. This is true in every case, unless the photographer has signed away the copyright as part of a separate agreement.

Copyright, in the case of photographs, means that the photographer has full rights to protect the use of the image he or she has created, and it is an offence under Copyright Law for anyone else to copy, or reproduce the image without:

  • Obtaining the written permission of the photographer.
  • Agreeing to pay any reproduction fee the photographer may ask.
  • Accepting any other conditions the photographer may apply to the use of the image.

Under copyright law in the UK, the copyright on photographs last for 70 years after the death of the photographer, and the penalties for any Breach of Copyright can be very severe, especially in the case of photographs, which have a genuine commercial value.

All photographs on this site are copyright to ‘Aerial Drones’ and this fact is electronically embedded in all our photographic image files.