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Hello, and a warm welcome to Aerial-Drones

We are an established business based in the heart of Essex, which creates exciting aerial films and photography all over the UK using one of our specialist remote piloted Aircraft.  Our main aircraft is a heavy-lift OctoCopter (eight rotors) which features a full gyroscopically stabilised camera gimbal.

We design, build, maintain and fly our own aircraft which means we fully understand the characteristics of them, what they are capable of and we have the imagination to exploit these capabilities to bring you some amazing photographs and footage for various applications.

Whether it be weddings, construction surveying, TV filming, advertising, property photography, golf course fly throughs or archaeology, we have the desire and experience to provide you with the right package.

Design & Construction

Because of our expert knowledge of UAVs, we offer our design and construction capabilities to our customers and can build a UAV to meet your exact needs.  Whether it is supplying a pre-assembled and tested “off-the-shelf” solution or a bespoke system for companies or individuals, Aerial-Drones are there to help.  The Sky is literally the limit…

Why Choose Us

  • Achieve low and high altitude images
  • Photography from virtually any angle
  • Operational within 20mins of arriving on site
  • Provide a fast service with no disruption
  • Get within feet of the subject
  • Virtually silent operation

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